Black/African Hair

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black hair hoboken nj

Black/African Hair Special in Hoboken by Teresa, Bangz hair professional * African hair with wash, cut, relaxer and blow dry with our hair style specialist Teresa

Hoboken African HairUnmanageable hair? Tough to comb through? Need your hair relaxed? Teresa, a Bangz hair professional offers an African hair with wash, cut, relaxer and blow dry. Have Hoboken African Hair? Teresa specializes in working with thick curly African hair.

black hair hoboken nj

Teresa has worked with many clients over the years beautifying their hair and keeping it healthy and manageable. Call 201-798-3171 to schedule an appointment with our African hair specialist, Teresa. We know how frustrating it can be to have to deal with someone who doesn’t understand your hair, but Teresa specializes in washing, cutting, and relaxing african hair in hoboken! African hair needs to be treated by a professional who understands how to properly treat thick, curly, unmanageable hair. Our stylist, Teresa will beautify your hair by washing, cutting, relaxing, and blow drying it.

Call us at (201) 798-3171 to book an appointment with a Bangz Salon Stylist.