Seamless Hair Extensions in Hoboken NJ

Bangz Hair Salon in Hoboken now offers seamless hair extensions. Now you can have permanent hair extensions that look just like your natural hair but better! Now you can have thicker, fuller, longer and more beautiful hair with our seamless hair extensions. Whether you have blonde, brown, black, red or any other color hair we can match the hair extensions to your natural color. Platinum seamless hair extensions is an extension phenomenon that far exceeds all expectations and truly redefines seamless hair extensions. Our hair extension system is highly individualized, is very comfortable and does not cause any damage. The hair extensions are essentially invisible to see and to touch and look and feel completely natural. Extensions are available in both straight and body wave styles.

Our seamless hair extensions do not have any wefts, seams or returns! These extensions are made with 100% of the finest Remy human hair available. They are completely invisible, weightless, paper thin and seamless! And it takes under 1 hour from start to finish. Come in for a custom hair extension consultation at Bangz Hair Salon at 612 Washington St, Hoboken NJ, 07030.

Our seamless hair extensions are:

CUSTOMIZABLE: First & only customizable professional hair extension system.
UNIQUE: Unique as YOU – the attachment method works safely for every hair type.
INNOVATIVE: customized methods of attachment.
DAMAGE FREE: regardless of your hair type, texture, condition or lifestyle
REAL: We use only the best 100% Remy Human Hair
DUAL LEVEL COLOR SYSTEM: Perfectly match hair color from root to end.
UNDETECTABLE: With our individualized paper thin adhesive gel attachment.
INVISIBLE: Made easy with multiple methods and clear and dark adhesives.
CHOSEN BY THE FINEST: Throughout the United States in leading salons in the industry.
WORN BY: Celebrity hairstylists, award winning actresses, top recording artists of country and pop, reality show contestants, and the everyday woman.
SEEN ON: Oprah, Today Show, Wendy Williams, X-Factor, American Idol, The Bachelor, The New Ricki Lake Show, Ready for Love, Real Housewives, and The View

Seamless hair extensions in Hoboken NJ

Our seamless hair extensions have no chemicals, use no tools, cause no damage, and are semi-permanent hair extensions which look natural and will cause your hair to look more full! These are the preferred hair extensions used by hair professionals and salons worldwide! These seamless hair extensions are the most requested extensions at salons! The hair extensions simply get taped into your hair for that invisible look.

They are easy to put in and easy to take out with a clean removal causing no damage to your hair. It is easy, quick and won’t pull or tug your hair. The seamless hair extensions make your hair look more full, thicker, and longer. They look and feel perfect and natural. They are lightweight and non-damaging. They can last in your hair for up to 3 months! They are good for proms, weddings, and those special occasions!

The hair prevents shedding, we know it can be such a pain to have your extensions shedding hair. We use high quality extensions which are reusable and we use nothing, but the most premium 100% high quality Remy hair available. The hair looks full and thick for a natural look. The extensions are water resistant and can be worn in the water! Why not use seamless hair extensions, everyone else is using them!

The hair extensions come in many different styles and colors. You can get them straight, wavy, or curly. They also come in different colors such as blonde, brown, black, red, etc. They tape into your hair with invisible tape so you don’t have to worry about your clips showing or coming out and having to re-clip them in. The most frustrating thing about clip in hair extensions was having to keep putting them in your hair and taking them out. Now you don’t need to worry about that with seamless hair extensions! Our professional stylists have the experience and expertise to give you professional beautiful looking hair.

When you choose seamless hair extensions you are getting high quality 100% Remy hair, minimal shedding from the extensions, water resistant extensions, more hair comes in every pack, and non damaging extensions. The main question is why would you choose any other hair extensions. The hair is high quality and reusable so you can always use them again!

When seamless extensions are properly applied to your hair by a salon professional they will stay in your hair and do not need to be re-applied. This is the solution that all women are looking for when their hair is too short or too thin and they want to thicken it up and make it longer. Clip in hair extensions are out and seamless extensions are in. Get your seamless hair extensions put in by Bangz Salon hair stylists for that glamorous look. All of the celebrities are wearing seamless extensions, that is their secret to long, thick, beautiful hair. Now being used in all high end salons for consumers.

You no longer need to wonder what it would be like to have natural looking, beautiful, long hair because seamless extensions in hoboken are here. You can finally have the hair that you want and deserve! Read our reviews. Everyone loves Bangz Hair Salon. The stylists are friendly, outgoing, and sweet. They will treat with so well and you will be very happy with the results.

Interested in seamless hair extensions? Come to Bangz Hair Salon at 612 Washington St, Hoboken NJ, 07030 for a hair consultation and see what would work best for your hair. One of our hair stylists can put in the seamless hair extensions into your hair and then do a wash, cut, blowout, and style so that they blend in perfectly with your hair!

Come walk into our salon conveniently located in the center of Hoboken and make an appointment to have a revolutionary hair transformation at: Bangz Hair Salon at 612 Washington St, Hoboken NJ, 07030 or give us a call at 201-798-3171 to schedule an appoint today!